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Attendee Spotlight: Brett BumeterAttendee Spotlight: Brett Bumeter Brett Bumeter (@brettbum) is the owner of Softduit Media and entered social media building on 18 years of experience in sales, intelligence, process management, finance,...


Starting up Startup Weekend - Holden BeachStarting up Startup Weekend - Holden Beach And startup weekend has begun!


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TweedleDM – Another BoomClickaBoom Service

Posted on : 15-06-2009 | By : drbrewster | In : Spotlight


One of the two services that the BoomClickaBoom started last weekend at Holden Beach Startup Weekend was TweedleDM. TweedleDM is a Twitter aggregator that allows a Tweep to FINALLY search their direct messages! As an application, TweedleDM pulls direct messages straight from Twitter and allows the user to search by keyword, username, whatever tickles your fancy.

TweedleDM’s Logo

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